The Callisto Protocol: Human & Helpless – Mastering Horror Docuseries Ep. 3

In celebration of the upcoming launch of the Callisto Protocol. IGN has partnered with Striking Distance Studios and Liquid Media to convey you a 3-half docuseries all about crafting the right horror recreation titled: Mastering Horror: The Callisto Protocol Docuseries. Breaking down the varied parts of horror are business icons like: Alec Gillis, Sean Cunningham, The Newton Brothers, Glen Schofield, and extra!

The ultimate episode of this docuseries focuses on the humanity and its typically helpless position in horror with nearer seems to be at The Callisto Protocol’s protagonist, Jacob — performed by Josh Duhamel, and Dani — performed by Karen Fukuhara.

Presented by The Callisto Protocol.


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  1. … they’re doing an incredible job marketing this game. Not implying in any way that it won’t hold up to the hype, but.. lol hopefully some of us keep it in mind that it’s a video game.

  2. Honestly it’s just really cool to see Glen passionate about what he’s making again. He didn’t seem happy making call of duty games for Activision and definitely didn’t seem happy with the direction of Dead Space 3

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