The Callisto Protocol Ending Explained And How It Sets Up DLC And The Callisto Protocol 2

The Callisto Protocol is now obtainable for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC and has garnered blended reactions up to now. The PC model had main stuttering points at launch, and even with the current patch, there are nonetheless crashes and different issues. The Xbox Series X/S model additionally has issues although PS5 reportedly runs like a dream. Of course, you may argue for or towards a number of issues – whether or not it is the encounter design, enemy varieties, fight or stage design. The story, sadly, is a distinct matter. Major spoilers for the complete recreation and ending comply with, so be warned.

Before Black Iron Prison was created, Callisto was residence to a colony of miners referred to as Arcas. After they by accident uncover an alien creature, the United Jupiter Company or UJC decides to reap its larvae. It’s used to create a virus, which is then by accident unleashed on Arcas. The UJC proceeds to liquidate Arcas and construct Black Iron Prison, masking up the complete incident.


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  1. The only logical reason I can think of to cause him to forget was that implant he received. Think about it. The implant can receive memories. Why not block them. Which is also why he's captured. He's just evidence.

  2. I have the really bad feeling Callisto Protocol 2 will follow the exact same story principle that Dead Space 2/3 did: Dani will attempt to expose the secret group -> secret group gains new fanatic followers that agree with their ideas, hence creating a new cult; government tries to use the virus for themselves -> government and cult have a war with the player in the middle; new virus outbreak in a new city -> cult discovers the virus/alien life was actually a bioweapon creared by higher powers etc.

  3. I don't think it's a case of Jacob "forgetting" about what he took part in. I think he really didn't know what he was smuggling and what it was for, he was likely just told not to ask questions and to get paid for it.

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