The Box Office Doesn't Lie: Why the DCEU as We Know It Is Done

James Gunn and Henry Cavill have revealed that the actor won’t be returning to the function of Superman within the Man of Steel’s subsequent film. Additionally, Gunn, who’s the co-CEO of DC Studios, has introduced that he’s writing that movie, which can give attention to a youthful model of the character.

This information follows current rumors that neither Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman nor Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will get a 3rd solo film amid the shake-ups Gunn and his DC Studios companion Peter Safran have deliberate for the DCEU.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson, a.ok.a. The Rock, has been making the case that Black Adam shall be worthwhile. But with Cavill out of the DC universe as Superman, is the match-up between Black Adam and the Man of Steel that was teased on the finish of The Rock’s film even within the playing cards anymore? Will there even be one other look by the actor as Black Adam, for that matter?

After years of promising that Black Adam would change the hierarchy of energy within the DCEU, and now that the hierarchy of energy by way of who really calls the pictures within the DCEU has modified, The Rock undoubtedly has one thing to show in touting the monetary returns of Black Adam. But what do the precise box-office numbers say in regards to the efficiency of the DC movie-verse itself, together with his movie? We determined to dig into them, and you recognize what? It’s not that stunning that Gunn and Safran seem like transferring on from the DCEU that began all the best way again with 2013’s Man of Steel.

Is a DCEU reboot within the works? Will Wonder Woman 3, Man of Steel 2, Aquaman 3, and all the opposite DCEU properties ever occur? We dig into all that with a give attention to the field workplace of the DC films (and extra) on this video!



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  1. I’m actually happy that Henry was let go… now we get the WCU with Henry Cavil. He is a fan and if we know one thing about him… it’s that he will respect the IP of the franchise. If warhammer cinematic universe has any chance to ever rise.. then this is it.

  2. The first 5 DC movies outsold the first 5 MCU movies. That is a solid comparison. WB could have be in the golden age of their DC films if they had just pushed back Justice League (2017). While it didn’t please everyone, Snyder’s 5 movie arc would have told a dope cohesive story and blasted the doors open on a wider universe and better movies. But instead, we’re left with another reboot.

  3. DCEU films are the worst. Not that Marvel is any better. They need to use less effects and non-stars to reduce the budget so that they can risk more and concentrate on the stories and character development without trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator of mass appeal using formulas.

  4. Isn't the common thread Zack Snyder? The performing DC movies were not directed by Zack Synder. Wonder Woman .. not Zack. Joker .. not Zack. Heck even Aquaman wasn't Zack. Shazam, not Zack. Suicide Squad (2021), not Zack

  5. superman and batman (separately) will always be unbelievably popular with All ages and backgrounds and will continue to be, either til every last trace of them is somehow wiped from existence… but more likely until the end of time. However the DCEU movies fuckin blow compared to the MCU

  6. Josstice League onward turned into MCU Phase 4, where it's not clear whether the movies are actually connected. With one breakout hit in Aquaman. Phase 4 also had a tough run except for Sony's No Way Home (and Dr Strange 2 piggybacking off of Sony's big hit). The lesson is to have a long term plan and stick to it. Hopefully Gunn has the opportunity that the Snyders never had, to finish telling a story

  7. No matter how much fans like Henry Cavill or the DCEU, it's a fact that most of the DCEU movies made little to no profit. Shazam made almost as much profit as BVS, and MOS made half of Shazam. When your tentpole event movies are bombing at the box office then it's pretty evident something is extremely wrong, and you should go back to the drawing box. The General Audience clearly do not like DCEU and the brand carries baggage no matter how big movie stars WB hired, so it was the best decision to reboot and recast the roles to make everything fresh for the audience (The Batman and Joker are proof that audience reciprocate well to DC projects free from DCEU baggage). It's simple business. Dont blame DC, blame the audience.

  8. DC should take a page from their animated films dept. Make standalone movies that may feature various heroes and villains. Don't worry about leading up to a big bad. Get young actors, knock out a ton of movies based off of established source material.

  9. The worst thing about the DCEU was the lack of cohesion, like Fox’s X films prior, they felt so inconsistent with lore/story details they may as well had been a multiverse all along (which is ironically how Feige is retroactively fixing Fox’s mistakes). Even now, Peacemaker ends with Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad program in jeopardy, then months later Black Adam ends with Waller looking like the President of the freakin world and the blonde character played by James Gunn’s girlfriend acts like Peacemaker never even happened, just going about her servitude to Waller.

  10. James gun is looking at this from business point of view… He needs to maximize profits for the studio so he opted for a new actor who doesn't need the same kinda salary like Henry. Tom Holland was initially chosen for Spiderman homecoming cuz they wanted put in the real money for RDJ. (Tom only got $500,000).

  11. We all can agree that have they release the Snyder cut instead of the one of 2017 they wouldn’t be in shambles.

    Not even saying they should’ve continued Snyders work (Would’ve preferred it if they did) but they had everything set to go, Batman was hopeful, Superman Wonder Woman and aquaman found their place in the world, cyborg found a new family with the league and Barry was confident in himself.

    Even if they still got rid of Zack they had everything to set it right.

  12. Supergirl should be apart of the starting justice league team and Supergirl should be in Superman’s new first movie to start the new DCEU. The Villain should be Lex Luthor in his Iron Man Suit.

  13. Recast everyone at this point. If Henry is out then how could they justify keeping anyone else (including Margot Robbie who I’m sure they will find a way to keep). Also, wtf is the point of watching next years 4 last DCEU movies.

  14. The problem was Snyder. He made Superman dark because it worked for Batman, but Batman is just a dark character and Superman isn't.

    A full reboot with people who understand the characters and are passionate about them is needed.

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