The Biggest Gameboy Games Coming to Nintendo Switch – NVC Live

Gameboy video games are lastly coming to the Nintendo Switch. From Super Mario Land on Gameboy to The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap on Gameboy Advanced, right here’s what we consider the lineup.


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  1. It makes more sense that they’ve released all this and Metroid prime now, since the last few years of the switch’s life have been spent re-introducing and updating classics, eventually they’d make it back around to the GameCube/GBA era again with the SAME launch lineup. It’s a long wait but it seems this era is coming back for Nintendo.

  2. Just tried it. Pure rubbish. Average selection of games, few emulation features. Can't wait for the switch to die so jailbreakers can utilise it better and input features far better than Nintendo ever could…

  3. I’m still hoping for a Gameboy classic (even though this makes it less likely). I’m not buying a Switch near the end of its life for Gameboy minus Pokémon. Glad people get this option added to what they already have, though.

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