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Now that the Valve Steam Deck is within the fingers of so many extra new house owners, we at Budget to Best wish to assist get you arrange with among the greatest equipment you may get for the Steam Deck! Whether you are seeking to defend your funding with a dBrand display screen protector, ensuring your Steam Deck is powered up always irrespective of the place you’re with an Anker powerbank, otherwise you’re searching for good set of earbuds to dam out the practice noise in your morning commute, we have you lined!

Keep in thoughts, nevertheless, whereas we all know a few of you could be searching for docking stations for the Steam Deck, we’re placing these in it is personal video devoted to Steam Deck docks so you possibly can have your decide at which inserts your funds the very best! Until then, let Akeem fill you in on a few of our picks for Best Steam Deck Accessories for 2022!

Product Links:
dBrand Screen Protector:
Galaxy Smart Tag:
SanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSD Card (512GB):
Anker 737:
Jabra Elite 5:


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  1. I’d say there are far better and cost effective options than those presented here, my set up is:
    1tb integral micro SD card
    65w baseus power bank
    Apple airpods
    Ivolver glass screen protector
    Joytorn case with kickstand and front cover (kill switch clone)

  2. I'm always confused why people push Bluetooth earbuds for devices that have a headphone jack such as the Steam Deck. For the same price, you could get some wired IEMs and have a better, more immersive audio experience since they don't have to cut corners on sound for a bunch of silly Bluetooth features.

  3. 0:45 It doesn’t actually work for the anti-glare screen for the 512GB model. So if you have this model DON’T get the dbrand screen protector, just get an anti-glare screen protector which makes the ant-glare screen better.

  4. These are just arbitrary accessories for any device. Nothing here specifically for the steam deck. No dock, or hubs? No controllers or cases? Just an excuse to push Apple, Dbrand, and Anker products

  5. Screen protector aside, none of those are Steam Deck specific. Man, at least throw in a dock or case with stand there in the middle so that it doesn't look like a total affiliated link grab…

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