• Shura, Poseidon Nero’s son, has initiated a protocol called “Judgment Day” to exterminate all androids in the Aoi Cosmos, leading to instability and a race against time for the Edens Zero crew.
  • The rebellion against Poseidon Nero’s empire, led by the Oasis liberation army, has been strengthened by the anti-Nero sentiments sparked by Shura’s genocidal actions.
  • The All-Link system, a secret weapon owned by Nero’s Empire, is Shura’s plan to shut down all androids. Ziggy, however, has his own plans and is waiting for the system to power up to potentially corrupt all androids in the Aoi Cosmos. It’s up to the Edens Zero crew to stop them both.



Warning: The following contains spoilers for Edens Zero Season 2, Episode 24, “Desert Oasis,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

With Ziggy’s android revolt underway within the Aoi Cosmos, Poseidon Nero has initiated defensive measures to protect his empire. To everyone’s dismay, Nero ends up entrusting the matter to his son, Shura. With his newfound position of authority, Shura has instigated a rattling protocol to deal with the revolt, deeming it the ‘Judgment Day’ for all androids within the Aoi Cosmos.

Shura has essentially initiated a genocide of all androids that reside among the planets of the Aoi Cosmos, regardless of their affiliations. While this decision has made the empire rather unstable and volatile, Poseidon Nero fully trusts Shura despite the depravity of his actions. The Edens Zero crew is now in a race against time to fight off the deranged heir to Nero’s throne before all androids are destroyed.

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Rebellion Against Nero’s Empire

Oasis Rebel Group

Since Poseidon Nero forcibly took control of every single planet within the Aoi Cosmos, an underground resistance force had always existed to fight off his empire. However, this new development within the cosmos has exacerbated anti-Nero sentiments, thereby strengthening the rebellion. One such rebel force is the Oasis, a liberation army based on Planet Sandra with the sole purpose of defying Nero’s draconian rule over Aoi Cosmos.

The Edens Zero crew comes in contact with the Oasis through Laguna, a former member of this rebel army. Since it’s impossible for Shiki to fight Shura on his own, relying on an already established rebel front is the only plausible option for the crew. Shiki and his friends receive a hostile welcome due to their associations with Laguna, yet the severity of the matter forces the Oasis to team up with the Edens Zero crew. For now, the rebel army seems rather miniscule and underpowered, though it’s likely that the true extent of Oasis’ power is yet to be revealed.

The Androids’ Resistance

Android's Resistance Edens Zero

Since robots have assimilated into the lives of the people of the Aoi Cosmos, the sudden order of their removal has resulted in turmoil on every single planet. Humans and androids alike have shown their disapproval of the move, though the reaction of robots has been more volatile. Several planets have witnessed riots and protests set up by androids, resulting in clashes with the Imperial Army.

According to Shura, a few planets where androids were afflicted with Ziggy’s virus have already been wiped clean, and the same efforts will be continued in every other planet. However, Hermit reveals that the virus affecting Foresta hasn’t been found on any other planet, meaning Shura simply used a false premise to further his radical plans of killing off all androids.

It has already been made apparent that Shura strongly detests androids after he killed Reverent Cyca, a member of the Oceans 6. The initial news of an android revolt may have been false and simply an excuse for Shura to initiate his plans, but these events are bound to instigate an actual rebellion, one that doesn’t involve Ziggy’s virus corrupting their systems.

All-Link System

A secret weapon owned by Nero’s Empire has been revealed, known as the All-Link. Using this weapon seems to be Shura’s plan for killing off all androids within the Aoi Cosmos, since it essentially connects all planets within the cosmos through an ether chain. Through this connection, Shura has the power to shut down all robots for good, without even lifting a finger.

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Since the entire Aoi Cosmos is surrounded by an ocean, a high tide occurs once every few years, inundating the entire cosmos. This allows ether and electricity to combine through the water, connecting all networks between every single planet. Despite the ocean submerging everything in the cosmos, the planets remain safe from flooding due to the ether barriers surrounding them. However, this would leave all androids vulnerable to disruption and possible extermination.

Ziggy's Plans With All-Link

It seems that Ziggy had already anticipated Shura’s next move to be the All-Link system. The high tide is supposed to occur in three days, and that is when Shura will initiate the All-Link system to shut down all androids. However, Ziggy also seems to be waiting for this system to power up as he has plans of his own.

It’s likely that Ziggy is scheming to utilize the All-Link system to corrupt every single android within the Aoi Cosmos in one go. While little has been revealed, it’s likely that it will all come down to the impending high tide, and the narrative could favor either side. However, both results will end up in either all androids dead or corrupted, meaning it’s up to the Edens Zero crew to put a stop to these two belligerents and their corrupt interventions.

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