The Almond and the Seahorse – Official Trailer (2022) Rebel Wilson, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Based on the play by Kaite O’Reilly,  The Almond and the Seahorse is the directorial debut of each notable actor and BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Celyn Jones; and Academy Award and BAFTA-nominated cinematographer Tom Stern.
Sarah (Rebel Wilson) is an archaeologist who loves her husband Joe (Celyn Jones) however after a traumatic mind damage (TBI) their love is trapped in the previous. Toni (Charlotte Gainsbourg) is an architect and loves her associate Gwen (Trine Dyrholm) however after a TBI they’ve been imprisoned in a 15-yr loop. Love is the solely factor that retains all of them going however one thing has modified, and each Sarah and Toni are decided to not let all of it unravel as they face their fears of being forgotten by the folks they love most.


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  1. No one wants to see Rebel in a serious role. Besides, Sandler and Drew already did this and it was a lot better. We don't wanna get dramatic, the world's in despair; make us laugh funny girl. This movie will bomb, mark my words.

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