The 10 Best Dreamcast Games

The Dreamcast is lengthy gone, however the video games listed right here stay on as a number of the most beloved video games made. Aware that its time within the console enterprise was virtually over, Sega mentioned to hell with it and went all-in on fascinating, bizarre experiments, from the pleasant rhythm video games like Space Channel 5 to unusual curiosities like Seaman. We sought to create a snapshot of the Dreamcast’s legacy, which encompassed every thing from burgeoning on-line play to wild peripherals. With that, listed below are the ten finest Sega Dreamcast video games of all time.

This video was initially printed on May 18, 2022 on IGN Games


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  1. This list is so wrong, you can tell is about favoritism to publishers, the only 2 games here that really deserve to be in it is rez and soul caliber, record of lodos, missed, shenmue, missed, chu chu rocket, missed, etc… etc..

  2. This was the only 128 bits console of its generation… It was like having an arcade machine at home, most of the games were based on the naomi system which was used to create Sega arcade games… This console was like an awesome rock musician dying too young…

  3. Power Stone was on PSP. "Near-Arcade perfect"?!? You mean better than the arcade. You mean Jet GRIND Radio, right?!? And if you're doing a NA list, just like you mentioned, Rez doesn't belong here. Make one exception the door is open. That's it, video stopped. Get outta here with your half assed research. Indy YouTubers have been covering DC for decades much better than this crap.

  4. So you guys didn't say Zombies revenge, dynamite cop, Spawn!?
    Project Justice aka rival schools
    READY TO RUMBLE 2!! How did yall not name that?!! What other fighting game let's you use Michael Jackson and Shaq?!

    Ign just send email me an application please

  5. Sword of the berserk remains exclusive and has wonderful Music. Omikron is somewhat odd but chaming and its still a console exclusive and has great music too. Code Veronica was concepted for the DC and has better visuals than ps2. Shemnue is still an exclusive since many things were chances in the new remasters. Dino crisis, resident evil 2-3, tomb raider Last revelation and chronicles, soul reaver, and alone in the dark the New nightmare were ports from ps1/ps2 with extras / exclusive features and enhanced graphs on dc

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