Ten Gaming Headset Mics Compared – Budget to Best

We’ve talked so much about gaming headsets, however these opinions often deal with sound high quality and luxury. In this episode of Budget to Best, we examined the microphones of 10 common gaming headsets, evaluating them aspect by aspect to see – err, hear – which sounds the very best.


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  1. AFAIK the reason the bluetooth sound bad its because they all use hands-free bluetooth not stereo, due to low bandwith bluetooth is able to transmist audio and microfone at the same time.
    thats why wired headphone/headset is the better choice

  2. The sennheiser pc38x are not on here. Probably because they are not a popular gaming brand. Best pair of gaming headsets I've used, and I've used to have A50. Sure, they are wired but the mic clarity and sound is just at another level in my opinion….specially since they are a few years old.

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