System Shock Remake: An Influential Legend Is Reborn

We acquired to play System Shock Remake for the primary time, the upcoming from-the-ground-up rebirth of the extremely influential emergent gameplay first-person RPG/shooter/action-adventure that first debuted in 1994.

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  1. Also, is anyone going to comment on how the hacker has, uh, "Tri-Op Soda" on his desk? I'm pretty sure when Tri-Op says "MILITARY SCIENCE CONSUMER" they mean like, consumer electronics, automobiles or comparable retail tech, not fizzy drink.

  2. How does anyone mispronounce Shodan?, they even pronounce her name in game

    Also why not get someone why actually played the original to make this video that way they can better comment on the differences?

  3. This preview is the definition of saying nothing while speaking a lot. Literally everything he brings up is the most surface level and plainly obvious things anyone who's watched a trailer or understands what scifi and survival horror are already knows.

  4. System Shock is my personal greatest game of all time. There was nothing like this when the game was released (and after). The game was just mind blowing for us little scifi nerds.

  5. Why would someone who never played the original version play this for the video?

    Or why not get a new player and a fan of the original both play it

    If someone who played the original played this then they could compare it to the original and it’s changes

    Also they mispronounce SHODAN

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