Steam Deck rivals could get SteamOS optimisations from Valve

The Steam Deck naturally stands out within the handheld gaming PC market by advantage of it being manufactured by Valve, however SteamOS additionally offers it a novel id in opposition to different transportable powerhouses too. However, we could see different gadgets from opponents undertake the working system within the close to future, full with optimisations from its creator.

GPD, producer of Steam Deck rivals such because the Win Max 2, claims that Valve reached out earlier this yr to gauge whether or not the corporate had any curiosity in utilizing SteamOS as an alternative of Windows 11 on its newest handheld gadget (by way of Videocardz). While GPD has “agreed to this cooperation,” it highlights that it is perhaps “take half a year” earlier than we see any indicators of the working system on its transportable PCs.

This is as a result of Valve have to optimise SteamOS for the AMD Ryzen 6800U discovered within the Win Max 2, because the working system has up to now largely been designed with the Steam Deck’s customized APU in thoughts. GPD additionally hopes to advertise its handheld methods on the Steam storefront, which could be potential as soon as they’re devoid of Windows and could result in different producers’ gadgets discovering their approach there too.

Optimising SteamOS for different APUs now could give Valve some observe forward of its plans to launch the Steam Deck 2, which could function a significantly extra highly effective Ryzen 7000 processor that includes improved built-in graphics.

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