Steam Deck mod can boost fps by up to 24% in some games

A Steam Deck mod guarantees to bolster the system’s capability to pump out much more frames per second, whereas additionally bettering the longevity of the moveable powerhouse’s SSD. While this sounds nearly too good to be true, these claims seem to principally maintain up, however there are some games and situations that will efficiency lower based mostly on these adjustments.

The CryoUtilities suite, developed by CryoByte33, can assist boost fps by up to 24%, with the YouTuber providing deep dives into how the Steam Deck mod impacts body charges in games like Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA 5. It can be downloaded without spending a dime from GitHub, the place you’ll additionally discover set up directions.

Without getting too technical, the Steam Deck mod basically permits you to higher tune the system to extra effectively use the reminiscence in its RAM and SSD to enhance efficiency. Should CryoUtiltities have you ever feeling skittish nonetheless, for no matter motive, you’ll give you the chance to simply reverse any of the adjustments you make by its software.

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Just bear in thoughts that it’s not a wholly flawless silver bullet of types, and games like Red Dead Redemption 2 don’t play so effectively with CryoUtilities, ensuing in decrease body charges. Still, there’s no motive not to attempt it if you happen to’re feeling adventurous.

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