Starfield Official Launch Date Announcement Trailer

We lastly obtained a launch date for Starfield. The sport will probably be popping out September sixth, 2023.

Get able to embark on an epic journey when Starfield, the primary new universe in 25 years from Bethesda Game Studios.

Also tune in on June eleventh for a Starfield direct.

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  1. Having seen the state of games like star citizen and elite dangerous after many years of release i would be very surprised if bethesda saves startield from failing .

  2. 0:15, they literally missed an opportunity to flash their company icon the same size as the connecting airlocks and have it scale down to reveal their full company logo. Editing 101, I'd imagine.

    Edit: Also, the first 55 seconds that make up the actual teaser (it's not a trailer) could just be called Ring Field.

  3. I don’t understand why gaming journalists sites even exist anymore. I just went to the developers YouTube channel and watched it there. It supports the developers more if you watch it on there channel. Gaming journalists sites are parasites, same with most streamers.

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