Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Meet 8 of Cal’s Enemies | IGN First

Cal Kestis’s journey by Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will not be a simple one because of the formiddable foes standing in his approach. Here is a breakdown of eight new enemies that Cal will face on his travels.


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  1. As my advice to cal: Don't ever be afraid to use the darkside, just never fully give into it……… never fully give into you're hatred and now to choose the light and never abuse the dark………

  2. Lol dark troopers aren't from rebels. They're from legends material. It's so condescending this whole video lol. Just talk normally. We all know what a destroyer droid is. Ign doesn't seem to understand its audience.

  3. Really wish we would get some more lower level lightsaber enemies. Would be cool to stumble upon dark Jedi/ Sith around the maps with saber staffs, single, or dual wield (or a combo like cal) and duel it out.

  4. By exclusively targeting ninth-generation consoles, Survivor will enjoy significantly faster load times with a development team that is no longer obligated to support the older @PlayStation 4 and @Xbox One consoles the first game launched on.

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