Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Full Presentation | The Game Awards 2022

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor noticed a model new trailer because of Respawn & EA. Not solely did we get to see the Jedi third Person Action in full swing, however the principle actor, Cameron Monaghan got here out as effectively.

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  1. Оооо… это было шикарно!!!!
    Сейчас прохожу первую часть и просто безумно хочу пройти вторую полностью!😍

  2. Cal kestis /Camaron is quickly becoming my 2nd favorite Jedi! His story and performance is by far imo the best Star wars has had in a while. Can't wait for the game and it's one of the few games I'm getting day one!

  3. This is gonna be a month first purchase for me! I trust Respawn that much. I loved Fallen Order. It was one of my first games I played on the first PC I built in 2021. Also, this series is one of the few bits of new Star Wars media that is still entertaining, well written, non-divisive, and fun for old and new fans of the franchise, like me🤩🤩🤩🤩

  4. Oh my god! This game looks so awesome! As a MAD Star Wars fan, I can hardly wait to play it for the first time. And the fact that it’s only three months away just makes it a million times more exciting

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