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Wanna atone for all of the highlights from the previous week? From Star Wars Jedi: Survivor lastly including quick journey, to some excellent news for Rick and Morty followers, tune in for the Weekly Fix – the one present filled with the advisable weekly dose of gaming, leisure, and esports information!

00:36 – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is Adding a Highly-Requested Feature
02:49 – The Last of Us Part 1’s PC Port Has Been Delayed
05:41 – Nintendo Switch Has Outsold the PS4 and Game Boy
10:48 – PlayStation 5 Boasts Best Quarter Yet After Huge Increase in Sales
12:41 – UK Government Says Microsoft Acquisition of Activision Blizzard is Dangerous
17:03 – Rick and Morty Will Continue With Their Ordered Amount of Episodes
19:51 – James Gunn Reveals New Comic Inspirations for the DCU
23:51 – God of War TV Series Development Update

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  1. There was actually one fast travel feature in Fallen Order. The Shyyyo bird. Later after beating the Ninth Sister, you can return to the Origin Lake and climb up the Wroshyr tree. The Shyyyo bird will periodically appear on your way up which you can hitch a ride out of the Shadow Lands.

  2. The lack of fast travel was one of my few complaints about the game… all Jedi survivor needs now is a mini map and all of my problems with fallen order will be answered

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