Splinter Cell – Official 20th Anniversary Presentation

Watch the video as 4 members of the event group engaged on the Splinter Cell remake–Creative Director Chris Auty, Technical Director Christian Carriere, Senior Game Designer Andy Schmoll, and Associate Level Design Director Zavian Porter, that includes some particular guests–discuss the Splinter Cell collection in celebration of the unique recreation’s 20th anniversary.

Check it out as they focus on the qualities of the protagonist Sam Fisher and his evolution over the course of the collection, the early Splinter Cell video games’ lighting, Sam’s stealth meter, visuals, how environments affected gameplay, participant company, and extra of what made the video games revolutionary. The builders additionally give a sneak peek at early idea artwork from the upcoming Splinter Cell remake.


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  1. let be clear about one thing. splinter cell bought concepts that was originally introduced in Thief the dark project when it comes to stealth game play. Thief the dark project was the OG of stealth game play and the concepts are still being used in modern stealth games. so when the lead designer says you able to create your own shadows and dark area;s that was originally implemented in Thief dark project. just like the stealth indicator. the OG had a gem while the first SC had the meter. so the bottom line is you cannot discuss stealth genre without giving credit to Thief dark project.

  2. So Ubisoft talks about these things when they make videos but office meetings are definitely about micro-transactions and how even their helix credits can't be utilised fully unless you buy additional packs. Horrible way of conning consumers .

  3. It's nice that people enjoy Splinter Cell games but people really act like Thief didn't already pioneer the stealth genre and do almost everything Splinter Cell did except infinitely better and in a way more interesting setting four years earlier.
    Splinter Cell is just an amateurly designed, children's version of Thief. Splinter Cell's intense linearity is painful, and its inconsistent mechanics and forced action pieces have made it age like milk. It was always baby's first stealth game anyway.

  4. At least one Netflix show on Ubisoft character needed to be possible ASAP, just hearing rumor near 2 years…When Witcher, Dragon Age, DOTA, Last of us make it possible even passed away 2 or 3 season

  5. Like Kevin Conroy and Batman, Sam Fisher without Michael Ironside is different.
    As much as Im excited for Splinter Cell revival, is best we have a new agent or have Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher back.

  6. everything sounds promising..but when they say "didnt age well regarding story" does it mean they will remake a game about a stealth pretty much assassin that is very much politically correct on his words? 😀 no mentiuning of gender or race or doesnt swear?

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