Splatoon 3 – Expansion Pass Trailer | Nintendo Direct 2023

Get a take a look at the 2 waves of content material coming with the Splatoon 3 Expansion cross. Wave 1 brings Inkopolis to Splatoon, and together with it model new store keepers and acquainted faces. Wave 2 encompasses a model new piece of content material known as Side Order.


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  1. This is actually a VERY cool expansion idea. Couldn't enjoy Inkopolis Plaza in the Wii U? They got ya covered! Even bringing the Sisters back ^^
    Now, with Side Order? My guess? We are gonna explore Agent 8's memories to find out about their past, perhaps. Idk, the whole place in white give me "mind world" vibes, that are pure white because it is forgotten. Maybe there's something more with 8 then we thought… Or, you know, new character mind world. Either way, looks interesting.

    Also, can we take a sec and appreciate Spike with a goatee? Darn. Couldn't think he could look even cooler.

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