Sony State of Play Livestream | PlayStation (February 2023)

Get prepared for Sony’s first State of Play in 2023 with IGN on February 23 at 1pm PT! We anticipate this present to be full of new information on titles corresponding to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the subsequent recreation from Rocksteady Studios. Sony plans to additionally discuss 5 new VR titles set to launch later this 12 months. You do not wish to miss a minute of this.


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  1. Suicide squad, 0-10 lmao, Harley Quinn doesn't look like Harley Quinn doesn't sound like Harley Quinn doesn't have the same weapon as Harley Quinn, out of all that it would probably be a Resident Evil 4 remake and you barely said anything and you didn't show anything about the new mercenaries mode

  2. How many game the announce? LoL this is so sad, more than the new new 2 lawsuit they have for more than 12 trillions in total. This is the last console of SONY. And you can tell they stayed, they would not launch games at PC and….. Boom, same as no service as gamepads couple week later boom, same as no service games with micro and macro transaction and then boom. They are trying everything to safe playstation even crying to commissions, it's 😢

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