Sonic Frontiers | Official 4K Combat & Upgrades Overview

Check out the brand-new fight and improve methods in Sonic Frontiers – out there for pre-order in the present day!

In Sonic Frontiers, you will want each software at your disposal to defeat the highly effective enemies that await you on the Starfall islands. Luckily Sonic got here ready! With new, upgradeable fight skills, you’ve got extra choices than ever earlier than to strategy battles YOUR approach. Use all of those expertise and extra to turn into essentially the most formidable power on the frontier!

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  1. The boxes 1 minute in just popping in screams unoptimized. The overall map looks lifeless with nothing going on. The enemies are uninspiring and generic.

    From what I can tell, they put all the work into landscape and then lazily dropped generic enemies and sonic into it.

  2. I wish I could be more excited for this. So far this looks like it is trying to be every other open world game that is forcing RPG elements and busywork.

    Common with games going more open and having RPG elements, the world design looks more bland to accommodate for size. A lot of these different elements of the game seem thrown together with little cohesion.

    Sometimes I feel like developers make large empty worlds with little to no real NPC or interactivity because it is easier instead of a design choice that makes the product better.

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