So You’ve Decided To Play Destiny 2…Again (Lightfall Edition)

So you have determined to…wait, we have been right here earlier than have not we? Not to fret, whether or not you are fully new or a seasoned veteran, we have got the proper all-in-one catchup video for you.


0:00 Intro

1:02 – What Is Destiny 2 (Short Answer)

1:55 – The Long Answer (Pre-Lightfall Spoilers)

5:19 – Class Breakdowns And What They Do

7:04 – What To Do

8:15 – Solo Vs. Co-op

9:58 – What Old Content Can I Still Play?

10:53 – How To Get Raid Ready

12:22 – Do I Have To Play PvP?

13:31 – What Is Gambit And Why Do People Hate It?

15:09 – Weapon Crafting

16:16 – What Are Builds

18:42 – How Many Currencies Are There In Destiny 2

20:52 – Free Vs. Paid – What Should I Buy?

25:04 – Eyes Up Guardian


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  1. Newer players make sure you experiment with builds and stuff when lightfall drops. You don't absolutely need to have meta stuff to do well, but understanding how mods work and playing around with then will greatly improve your experience.

  2. My biggest tip is: don't jump right into hard mode content. You will get frustrated easily. Take your time and have faith that your gear will get better and better and the game gets more fun as you go, like most RPGs.

  3. 2:10 you are simply "A guardian" 10:20 literal thieves… I mean I did pay for the content they decided not to keep in the game And the excuse for "They can then make the rest better hur hur hur due" I know this.. But I payed for it.. I ain't supposed to pay for their easier day.. I pay and I play.

  4. Last time I played Destiny 2 I had some fun, but it started to get stale if you played without paying for the DLC's… and I'm not willing to pay for a DLC that they can remove from the game.

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