Skull and Bones The Deck Gameplay Full Showcase With the Devs

Join us on THE DECK as we sail by way of Skull and Bones’ Narrative Gameplay and reply a few of the questions you will have. Join Alexis Cretton Senior Community Manager and Joel Janisse the Narrative Director.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 New Trailer
2:10 Investigation Gameplay
11:08 Plunder Gameplay
22:49 Captain Freeman Explainer
26:00 Outpost Tour


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  1. I was playing it for some hours, in my opinion its mostly simulator of materials gathering and sometimes ship fights. Shame, I thought it be more like Black Flag vibe without assasin "things".

  2. Was 100% going to purchase in Nov, but they delayed. My interest dropped to 80% chance of purchase due to 'Hogwart's…' coming out a few weeks earlier, but now they delay again. If I end up spending my cash on '….Legacy' then I doubt I will buy this game if it releases even a few months after. Would prefer to buy Skull and Bones, but I can't buy both. Delay past 10th April and I'm done with your game and will only purchase when 'discounted heavily'.

  3. UBISOFT CANCEL YOUR CONTRACT! Put this game in bin yeah? Worrying about your sales and stock plummeting like a huge poo in a toilet after a really hot curry, and make the game that everybody has been asking you for for the last 10 years! The best selling AC title ever BLACK F…..G FLAG 2!! this is basically sea of thieves nobody wants this

  4. No wonder why they pushed this game back so much it’s because they have changed everything gameplay wise there’s now third person walking sections when it was so clearly originally just a boat sailing and battling game

  5. 3 minutes in and i already got a complaint… should not take 3 menus to see an item you just picked up, especially something related to a story narrative lol ….

  6. I am still puzzled how you can have Blag Flag allready done, with melee and everything, and just need to port it and maybe polish it a bit. Add a campaign, even shallow for SP. Only the MP could have taken time.

    And then this…over how may yearsd now?

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