Shazam Doesn’t Need Black Adam, But Black Adam Needed Shazam

Shazam is again! (Or ought to we are saying “Shazam! is back?”) Zachary Levi returns within the DC Comics movie sequel together with Asher Angel in Shazam: Fury of the Gods.” The trailer for Shazam 2  reveals that Shazam: Fury of the Gods would possibly convey extra of that enjoyable power from the primary Shazam film. 

DC and Warner Bros might need an issue on their arms although following “Fury of the Gods.” Shazam has an arch foe, you could keep in mind him from one other current Warner Brothers launch, and lengthy story quick: Shazam vs Black Adam might by no means occur in a film about Shazam. Dwayne Johnson pushed to separate the 2 characters, and there aren’t any Shazam 2 spoilers right here, however his character won’t be making a Shazam 2 cameo…or any Black Adam appearances basically. Black Adam (2022) won’t be continued, and with that shuts down any chance of Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) anytime quickly. 

Black Adam (DCEU) might have wanted Shazam, as a lot as Dwayne Johnson might need thought in any other case, to hit stronger, with the Black Adam DC movie affected by varied points we’ll lay out. But the Shazam films don’t really want what the Black Adam movie supplied with The Rock, as a lot enjoyable as a Black Adam Superman struggle might have been. Alas, Black Adam vs Superman will most likely by no means occur, at the least with The Rock Black Adam model. But don’t fear about Shazam, he doesn’t want the Dwayne Johnson Black Adam to make his films work.


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  1. If it is true that the pantheon of gods, whose powers are borrowed by the wizard for his champion, are upset by the shift of men to gods and the possibility of cheapened royalty, Black Adam comes back no matter what. For the sequel to this movie, for other movies, only his power can match Darkseid.

  2. The problem with DC is that they need proper insight that gives depth. It's very clear that the people in charge of the DC movies (not directors, but the unnamed higher ups) are typical corporate robots (most of which are probably straight white men.) The outcome is this. Very bland. Very vanilla. Very paint by numbers. There's no depth.

  3. There's is a lesson to learn here… The more show your Arrogance the more you fail, the more you understand your strength the more you Success….

    Black Adam: the Rock is too Arrogant to think Black Adam StandAlone movie will be the best in the DCU but failed enormously.
    Shazam: The team collabote from small to make it a big story so that's it will be a fun & entertainment DCU for the audience.

  4. If they decide to keep this version of Shazam they should definitely use Black Adam in the next film and recast the character. Lemme throw the name NUMAN ACAR! your way.

  5. They need each other . SHAZAM would have been odd in Black Adam ( the first of his movies ) that is what the rock meant . Superman , JSA it was perfect for the first movie and because Adam is not a straight up villain , they needed a real set up for why Black Adam , Superman and SHAZAM would fight . Sadly , they never got that chance . the two SHAZAM movies and the Black Adam movie was GREAT

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