Scorn Review – More of an Experience Than a Game

Scorn is an fascinating recreation to play. Lacking any actual story to comply with, it as an alternative depends by yourself curiosity to see it by. You’ll be interacting with all kinds of disgusting issues, and preventing off horrifying creatures, and in case you’re the type of one who cannot solely abdomen the aesthetic, however really take pleasure in it, Scorn will undoubtedly be a fantastic expertise.

For nearly everybody else, although, perhaps take a look at a couple of screenshots and trailers and see in case you can abdomen the aesthetic first.


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  1. Oh boy a puzzle game don't you love it a game that was based on a lie this game was shown to look like a doom game surprise surprise it turned out to be a boring fucking puzzle game

  2. I played this game on Xbox game pass, so even when I had problems following the ending of the game, it's not time I regret spending. This game isn't necessarily meant to be "fun", but that's not always a bad thing.

    Still a pretty bold price tag for what amounts to a 3-6 hour game. I'm honestly wondering why this game took almost a decade to develop.

  3. I mean it’s different
    Reminds me of Hellblade
    They kind of don’t tell you anything just throw you in there & let you discover things on your own
    I like this game honestly
    I like puzzle type of games and that gruesome stuff never put me off
    I kind of like it
    It’s not my favorite game but worth a play
    I honestly can’t wait til Tomorrow for the “PLAGUE TALE REQ.” BABAY BABAY

  4. The game had originally the title Scorn: Dasein, in reference to the philosophy of Martin Heidegger – Dasein signifying Being There . I don't know why they changed it, and I guess there is no direct mention of his philosophy in the game?

  5. I really enjoyed this game. The puzzles are meant to be a little bit ambiguous due the setting. Combat is fine and the creatures won't even bother you generally if you don't attack them first. Overall 8/10 I wish it were a longer game

  6. It has wonderful graphics and atmostphere. Story is non existent, gameplay is kiddie puzzles and so much empty corridors of nothing, 3-4 hrs long. With check points hours apart so don't die. 3/10

  7. i was so hyped on it's announcement but I uninstalled it after an hour, I just didn't find it fun and had no sense to want to figure out these puzzles when I could tell its not even worth it for the ending

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