Riot to reignite Annie’s flames in League with modifications scheduled for Patch 13.2

Numerous League of Legends champions are on Riot Games’ radar for changes in 2023, with extra of the obscure characters reaching the highest of that listing. An upcoming batch of modifications is instantly focusing on one of many oldest champions within the sport who continues to battle in any respect ranges.

Riot Ray Yonggi, gameplay analyst at Riot Games, offered particulars on intensive modifications coming to Annie in Patch 13.2, which is predicted to hit stay League servers on Jan. 24. He famous throughout the publish that Annie “has been struggling to convert wins, even when matched against primarily melee mid lakers she should be advantaged into,” leading to tuning throughout practically her total equipment.

In each a quality-of-life replace and common buff for Annie, she is going to now begin together with her passive totally stacked, permitting her to stun the following opponent—or opponents—struck by her talents. Her passive can even attain full stacks when she respawns in order that she has it going again to lane.

Annie’s W can have its mana price decreased early to make it more cost effective for the laning section. Her final, the place she summons the facility of Tibbers, will now present Tibbers with extra HP and resistances primarily based on her AP, although the period that the summon lasts earlier than expiration stays unchanged.

A number of years in the past, Annie obtained an replace to her E permitting her to put the protect on allies. In this replace, the protect will obtain a rise to its efficiency and the harm it displays again at enemies—now additionally reflecting harm performed by talents. It will solely activate as soon as per harm taken per enemy, nonetheless.

Not a lot is presently recognized about League’s Patch 13.2, although discoveries made earlier as we speak on the PBE suggest that the artwork and sustainability replace to Ahri and the excellent gameplay replace to Aurelion Sol could also be additionally launching alongside this patch. These modifications to Annie are anticipated to be made accessible on the PBE within the coming weeks, although could also be altered previous to their launch to stay servers.

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