Riot thought-about including League skins for Jungle Pets, however one factor held the devs again

The true purpose behind Riot Games introducing jungle pets surfaced solely just lately with the League of Legends devs shedding mild on your complete idea, explaining that jungle pets had been predominantly designed as a visible metaphor for jungle newcomers to grasp the fundamentals of jungling. As the League neighborhood additional dives into the meat of what jungle pets imply for the sport, the devs admitted jungle pets may have gotten skins.

Riot GalaxySmash pitched locally’s dialogue on League’s subreddit on Monday arguing on the function and worth of jungle pets. There the dev mentioned the growing staff initially thought-about including jungle pet skins to the sport however that may imply pets must grow to be a everlasting function, which is a dedication Riot simply couldn’t make on the time. 

“Releasing skins would mean that the mechanic must stay in the game for the rest of its existence, which isn’t a commitment we want to make,” the dev mentioned.

When requested if jungle pet skins may come sooner or later, the dev shrugged off your complete concept of pets ever getting skins in League. “We will not release skins for the pets. We have come out and said this previously,” GalaxySmash mentioned.

The concept of jungle pets getting skins isn’t too far off from Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics. But Riot would in all probability need to go above and past to create skins for these lovable jungle pets. Still, it could be excellent news for all those that can’t management themselves with regards to League cosmetics.

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