Riot rushes out Rammus buffs after League Patch 13.1 modifications tank his win fee

League of Legends Patch 13.1 has led to heavy nerfs to Rammus, leaving the champion in a depressing state with a win fee of solely 45.45 p.c, in keeping with stats web site U.GG. Seeing the devs may need been too harsh on our OK boy, Riot Games is seeking to give Rammus some much-needed buffs in Patch 13.2.

To hopefully repair Rammus’ win fee that has, between two patches dropped by a whopping 10 p.c, Riot will mainly revert all stay modifications growing Rammus’ base well being from 614 to 675, base assault harm from 53 to 55, base armor from 36 to 40, and Defensive Ball Curl’s flat armor from 25 to 35. 

Rammus was undoubtedly in line for nerfs with Patch 13.1, however it looks as if Riot overdid it with nerfs to his base stats, and his interplay between Jak’Sho the Protean and Rammus’ Defensive Ball Curl was tweaked to “the two interact more cleanly with one another.”

Aside from that, Jak’Sho the Protean, beginning Patch 13.1, now not heals champions from minions and monsters, and the ultimate icing on the cake, the devs nerfed Legend: Tenacity from a complete of 30 p.c Tenacity to twenty p.c.

Basically reverts, these modifications ought to assist Rammus to as soon as once more discover his option to the jungle on Summoner’s Rift. Bearing in thoughts Rammus’ favourite merchandise and rune bought nerfed, the champion must be in a powerful spot with out his win fee crossing that fifty p.c mark.

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