Riot responds after League gamers uncover new AFK account leveling trick with Akshan

Over the previous few years, botting has shortly develop into a urgent concern for League of Legends builders as a result of rise of alternate account sellers.

It’s a disappointing pattern that has effects on the video games of those that try to enhance their abilities or those that are simply attempting out the sport for the primary time. Bots will make use of comparable time-wasting scripts that be sure they aren’t discovered by Riot Games’ AFK detection programs, and a brand new technique has simply been found by some gamers on the League subreddit.

When in a co-op vs. AI sport, bot accounts will decide Akshan, purchase Doran’s Shield, run over to the wolves camp within the jungle, and use the champion’s Heroic Swing skill to constantly zoom across the impartial camp with out dying or going AFK.

In a current replace, Akshan’s Heroic Swing was modified in order that he can swing round and round with out stopping, until he runs into an enemy champion or is hit by crowd management. This method, Doran’s Shield provides Akshan some early maintain and tankiness to proceed spinning round with out taking deadly injury from the camp.

As a end result, the opposite gamers are compelled to play out the sport four-vs-five, which is a problem for actual gamers who’re attempting to get their accounts to the extent threshold essential to entry different sport modes like ranked solo queue. Luckily, Riot’s senior design lead Jordan “BarackProbama” Checkman responded to the accusations, saying that the devs are trying into that scenario.

Many gamers are hopeful that this new exploit will likely be eliminated in a future hotfix or patch.

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