Rian Johnson Explains the Similarities of Writing Star Wars and Knives Out Mysteries

Rian Johnson discusses how writing a Star Wars movie is much like how he approaches writing a Knives Out thriller. The Glass Onion director additionally tells us how he got here up with the title of the movie.

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  1. this rian guy killed the original trilogy. why watch luke's journey if he didn't learn anything and becomes a depressed hermit and his victories wiped away. only for a random mary-sue chick to go through a similar journey and is now the hero, wtf kind of story is that? anakin's story as well.

  2. If you hate Rian Johnson because of Star Wars then you aren't a real Star Wars fan or not a movie fanatic in general. You should appreciate when movies try new things even if they don't always work.

  3. Key writing style in a 'murder mystery'. A pile of red herrings and nonsense that distracts from the ending that comes from nowhere in the last 10 minutes. How is that similar to Star Wars?

  4. Amusingly, Daniel Craig had that Force Awakens cameo as the Stormtrooper Rey mind tricks into busting her out. So I’m guessing Daisy Ridley will cameo in the next Knives Out film as compensation.

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