Reinhardt hitbox challenge ‘no one is talking about’ may very well assist your Overwatch 2 win price

Reinhardt’s offensive cost means has been dragged underneath the microscope because the Overwatch 2 group vents about its inconsistency.

A gaggle of pissed off gamers—Dot Esports can solely assume most are Reinhardt mains—took to Reddit on March 13 to focus on a number of points which were plaguing the OW2 tank for a while now.

The downside, which some claimed “no one talks about” has to do with how dicey Rein’s cost might be within the warmth of battle. In most circumstances, it’s fairly hit-or-miss, even should you intention it correctly. It’ll typically pin somebody who’s believed to be protected, however miss a participant who’s in prime place to be squished, resulting in many pissed off Overwatch players.

As it seems, there may really be a cause for the insanity. Players identified the inconsistencies may very well be as a consequence of an unseen sample in every cost.

One participant believed Rein might be “10 feet in front” of them and it’s already too late. Another OW2 participant identified Reinhardt’s cost hitbox tends to favour enemies on his left (possible a dev coding determination) and after watching the clip a second time, there appears to be a sample rising. If you didn’t learn about this essential element, don’t stress—gamers who’d been “enjoying Rein for seven years admitted they weren’t conscious both.

The Overwatch 2 group has been bombarded with tank points for therefore lengthy they’re clearly on edge. Orisa, Roadhog, and Symmetra all had bugs that made them virtually unplayable, however Reinhardt appears to be squeaky clear… for now.

This data may encourage an entire new technology of Reinhardt Overwatch gamers who use the cost to its final potential. Prepare to rage past examine.

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