Ranking All First Party PS5 Games (So Far) FROM WORST TO BEST

The PS5 is a few years outdated now, and like every other console, it will be judged on the power of its library- and for a Sony consoles, first get together releases are an enormous a part of that. While flat-out PS5 exclusives have been few and much between owing to Sony’s insistence on persevering with to launch cross-gen video games, there have nonetheless been a lot of new first get together titles which have launched for the PS5 over the past two years.

Here, we will look by way of all of them and rank them from the sport that we’ve been least impressed with to the one which’s dazzled us essentially the most.


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  1. Hahaha, thx for reminding me that there is still no real reason to purchase a ps5. Demon souls looks stunning, but not “gonna buy a scalped, overpriced ps5 with almost no exclusives for it” stunning.

  2. Yes, it's so obvious viewing the comments who does and doesn't have a PS5 and who is trying to do everything possible to push a certain narrative against the PS5. The PS5 has SEVERAL games that are only on PS5. The Series X? It has absolutely NONE, however.

    Of course, I don't subscribe to the line of thinking that if it's on the PS4 then it isn't a PS5 game. If the game does absolutely ANYTHING on the PS5 that can't be done on PS4 then it's a PS5 game. Some people are just so desperate to hate.

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