‘Rainbow Six Siege’ – everything you need to know about Solis

Solis, the following Operator to arrive in Rainbow Six Siege, has been revealed by developer Ubisoft.

Described by Ubisoft as a “fantastic intel collector,” Solis is a two-velocity two-well being defender hailing from Colombia.

Solis’ distinctive merchandise is the Spec-IO Electro-Sensor, an augmented actuality headset that enables her to see enemy devices via flooring, partitions and ceilings. While these devices will not be mechanically highlighted for her allies, Solis’ second potential permits her to mark all on-display devices for teammates.

However, Solis can’t wield any of her weapons whereas scanning with the Electro-Sensor – which means that she is extremely weak whereas scanning for electronics.

Speaking of weapons, Solis has an “adaptable” loadout that’s appropriate for mid to shut-vary fight. Her main weapons embody the P90 SMG and ITA12L shotgun, whereas her secondary gun is the SMG-11. As for devices, Solis can select from both a bulletproof digicam or an influence grenade.

Solis, Rainbow Six Siege. Credit: Ubisoft.
Solis, Rainbow Six Siege. Credit: Ubisoft.

Aside from being defenceless whereas utilizing her Electro-Scanner, there are a selection of attacking Operators that may counter Solis. Because Solis’ gadget is connected to her, IQ can monitor Solis via partitions – and since IQ is the sooner Operator at three-velocity, she is effectively-suited to selecting off Solis. Additionally, Thatcher’s EMP grenades may disable Solis’ Electro-Scanner, whereas attacking intel gatherers like Lion and Grim could make roaming as Solis extremely troublesome.

On the opposite hand, defenders like Bandit and Mozzie – who can each restrict the enemy workforce’s intel-gathering efforts – will help Solis keep a step forward of the enemy workforce.

Solis will launch on December 6, as a part of Year 7 Season 4’s Operation Solar Raid. Aside from Solis, this season will deliver a brand new map, the lengthy-awaited Ranked 2.0 replace, and a beta for Ubisoft’s Reputation Score.

Last week, Ubisoft introduced that it might be teaming up with Riot Games to fight toxicity in multiplayer video games.

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