Psychonauts 2: How Double Fine Cooked Up Its Most Unexpected Level – Art of the Level

When you consider Psychonauts, you could envision massive areas with quirky enemies, troublesome platforming feats, and particular talents. Psychonauts 2 is filled with brilliantly designed ranges that make good use of all these options, however Compton’s Cookoff, the second full ‘mind’ world in Psychonauts 2, is in contrast to something that has preceded it – each inside the sport itself, and platformers generally. It trades Psychonauts’ signature sprawling psychedelic design for forensic consideration to element, whereas traces of the mind proprietor’s intense psychological battle form nearly each facet of the stage. Psychonauts 2 has no scarcity of ranges constructed round addressing key points, however Compton’s Cookoff stands out as an expertly realized train in combining distinctive gameplay with considerate, thematic storytelling – even when a few of it occurred accidentally.

To discover out extra about the way it got here collectively, and the modifications it underwent throughout improvement, IGN picked the brains of members of the Double Fine improvement staff to interrupt down how such a hearty, memorable meal of a stage got here to life. This is Art of the Level.

This video was initially revealed on July 8, 2022 on IGN Games.

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  1. The most unexpected thing about this game is how bland and unfunny it was compared to the first. But the worst part was it's gameplay outside of this level, became a generic 3D platform adventure game. When the many of the first's levels asked you to do more than just run, jump and fight enemies.

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