PS VR2 Headset Teardown Video (Hardware Deep Dive with Engineers Behind the Next Gen Hardware)

The PlayStation VR2 launches on February 22, 2023 and in the present day we’re very excited to supply an unique take a look at the {hardware}’s inside structure.

Takamasa Araki from the Mechanical Design staff explains how he and his staff achieved the well-balanced and symmetrical inside construction, enhanced cooling system for snug gameplay, optics for superb graphic constancy, and the ergonomic headband designed to maximise consolation.

ATTENTION: For data solely. Do not do this at residence. Risk of publicity to electrical shock or different harm.
Disassembling your PlayStation VR2 will invalidate your producer’s assure.


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  1. The haptics in the headset itself are VERY clever, hands-on.
    Many people just think about the gameplay aspect – the neato sensory 'HD rumble across your head', when stuff explodes or flies past you, etc.

    But the sense tech in the headset also plays a key role in grounding the player. For people with lifelong vertigo/motion sickness problems, those subtle Sense haptics nestled inside the headset provide huge relief, centering and anchoring them to the experience.

    People who have gone hands-on with GT7 on PSVR 2, for example, consistently say the headset haptics are never overdone for driving effects, but they constantly help to eliminate any motion-related discomfort by grounding the player in the scene, preventing physiological disconnect. Combined with excellent refresh rate and comfortable tracking, the headset haptics help to anchor the player and eliminate motion sickness.

    Not just a cool novelty.

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