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Wanna make amends for all of the highlights from this week? From Sony shedding PS Plus subscribers, to Henry Cavill leaving the Witcher collection for DC plans, tune in for the Weekly Fix – the one present filled with the advisable weekly dose of gaming, leisure, and esports information!

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Sony is Has Lost Millions of Subscribers Since its Revamp
03:07 – Modern Warfare II’s Physical Edition is Basically an Empty Box
06:32 – Modern Warfare II Won’t Let PC and Xbox Users Turn off Crossplay
08:55 – PSVR 2’s Price Has Been Revealed
11:58 – Call of Duty is Never Leaving PlayStation
15:19 – Henry Cavill Replaced for Season 4 of The Witcher Series
17:54 – The Sonic Prime Netflix Series Trailer Deep Dive
21:14 – Henry Cavill is Excited to Work with James Gunn’s DC Studios Plans
23:02 – Modern Warfare II is Missing Features at Launch

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  1. News is weird, one single negative thing is said about something or someone and all of the sudden it's exaggerated into insane drama. It's like that news about Netflix losing subscribers and all of the different it's DOOM NETFLIX IS GONE. Like no dude, losing subscribers just means losing subscribers, it doesn't automatically mean fail or the end. Not usually anyway.

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  3. Why does IGN keep reporting the PS+ losing subscribers as a negative? They keep leaving out the fact that although they’ve lost subscribers they’ve doubled their earning which Sony is ecstatic about.

  4. They promised us a huge line of a PS1 PS2 PS3 and PSP games but it turns out all they're doing is just re-adding everything from PlayStation now since they got rid of it and people are not wanting PS Now games they want new games that we're not on the surface before like Dino Crisis where is Dino Crisis

  5. Putting the PS3 versions of the Sly Cooper trilogy and the original Ratchet and Clank quadrilogy on PSPlus instead of the PS2 versions just tells me that Sony really doesn't know what they're doing with their PS classics collection and could not give a crap about their legacy platforms even if they tried.

  6. PS+ is not doing well not because of bad marketing, it's because of value. They want to compete with Game Pass and they didn't even put old PS exclusives in the subscription.

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