Project LLL Official Gameplay Trailer

Check out the gameplay footage for Project LLL, now in growth.

Project LLL is an upcoming open-world massively multiplayer on-line third-person shooter presently in growth. It will launch in 2024 worldwide.

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  1. They say they're trying to create their own original game different from everything else coming out and trying to stay away from the "looter shooter" and "battle royale" tags, yet this looks like Division/Outriders with a bit of Destiny and DayZ. I'll keep my eye on it but until that interestingly designed end boss thing, it was looking pretty generic and meh.

  2. Looks cool. Minus some of the animations which are a bit hitch-y, the frame rate suffering which will inevitably mean downgrading or optimising the game, the AI could also use with some work. Would be great to have English VO too. But tracking on to 2024, this game could turn out to be something great.

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