Pokemon TCG's Scarlet And Violet Expansion Revealed: Check Out The New Cards

The Pokemon Trading Card Game will quickly embody the Paldea area, because the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet expansions will debut March 17 at prerelease occasions earlier than launching in full on March 31. Pokemon from throughout Paldea will quickly be playable on tabletop, and now we have an unique sneak preview of what is to return.

We can completely reveal new playing cards from the Pokemon TCG Scarlet and Violet enlargement, a bunch which incorporates new Pokemon, a brand new Trainer card, and some of the set’s ultra-powerful Pokemon-ex cards–including one Tera Pokemon-ex showcasing a brand new mechanic.

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All Tera Pokemon-ex present in Pokemon’s Scarlet and Violet enlargement have an additional perk: Tera Pokemon-ex can’t be broken whereas sitting on the bench, whether or not the injury is coming from the opponent or the proprietor of the cardboard.

Below are the descriptions of every card within the reveal, in addition to some potential makes use of for the cardboard in future deck composition. Images of every card might be discovered within the gallery above.

Arcanine-ex (Tera)

  • Card Number: 32/198
  • Type: Fire
  • HP: 280
  • Evolves From: Growlithe
  • Attack 1: Raging Claws
    • Costs 2 Fire Energy
    • 30 base injury
    • This assault does 10 extra injury for every injury counter on this Pokemon.
  • Attack 2: Bright Flame
    • Costs 3 Fire Energy
    • 250 base injury
    • Discard two Fire Energy from this Pokemon.

This Terastallized Arcanine is a powerhouse, with loads of HP to maintain it alive and a two-energy assault in Raging Claws that solely will get stronger the extra injury it takes–up to 300 injury whole! Bright Flame is an effective nuclear possibility in a pinch, however that pressured discard of two Fire power means it ought to solely be deployed when a substitute power card is in your hand.


  • Card Number: 158/198
  • Type: Normal
  • HP: 260
  • Evolves From: Lechonk
  • Attack 1: Maddening Scent
    • Costs 1 Colorless Energy
    • 10 base injury
    • This assault does 30 extra injury for every of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon.
  • Attack 2: Heavy Stomp
    • Costs 3 Colorless Energy
    • 210 base injury
    • Flip a coin. If tails, throughout your subsequent flip, this Pokemon cannot assault.

Oinkologne-ex has potential as a mid-game heavy-hitting possibility, as it may use an opponent’s full bench towards them because of Maddening Scent–which will inflict 160 injury at full energy. Heavy Stomp can be a stable possibility, however the coin flip might negate any Oinkologne-ex assaults within the subsequent flip, which implies you may should discard two power to switch it with one thing in your bench.

Armarouge (Trainer Gallery)

  • Card Number: 203/198
  • Type: Fire
  • HP: 130
  • Evolves From: Charcadet
  • Ability: Fire Off
    • As typically as you want throughout your flip, you might transfer a Fire Energy from one among your Benched Pokemon to your Active Pokemon.
  • Attack: Flame Cannon
    • Costs 2 Fire Energy and 1 Colorless Energy
    • 90 base injury
    • Your opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Burned (it takes 20 injury each flip it is Burned till its proprietor flips a coin that lands on heads).

Go again and have a look at Arcanine-ex Tera for a second, then scoot again right here and browse Armarouge’s Ability. Abilities, for those who aren’t acquainted, keep lively even when a Pokemon is on the Bench, which means that if Arcanine ought to should discard two Fire power for having to make use of Bright Flame, Armarouge can reload the Arcanine’s power instantly. That’s one potent means, and we anticipate Fire-focused decks will embody Armarouge instantly.

Greavard (Trainer Gallery)

  • Card Number: 214/198
  • Type: Psychic
  • HP: 70
  • Evolves From: N/A (Basic Pokemon)
  • Attack: Graveyard Gamboling
    • Costs 1 Psychic Energy
    • This assault does 10 injury for each Psychic-type Pokemon in your discard pile.

On the floor, Greavard does not seem like it will quantity to a lot. Considering Pokemon normally attain the discard pile via being knocked out by the opponent, you can end up falling behind earlier than this card begins packing a punch. However, any kind of deck that depends closely on discarding cards–either from the highest of the deck or from the participant’s hand–might wish to think about the ghostly good boy as an assault possibility.

Riolu (Trainer Gallery)

  • Card Number: 215/198
  • Type: Fighting
  • HP: 70
  • Evolves From: N/A (Basic Pokemon)
  • Attack: Punch
    • Costs 1 Fighting Energy
    • 10 base injury
  • Attack: Reckless Charge
    • Costs 1 Fighting Energy and 1 Colorless Energy
    • 50 base injury
    • This Pokemon additionally does 20 injury to itself.

Riolu right here is greatest used at the start of a match, because the aptly named Punch assault can get issues began shortly for a single Fighting Energy. The second assault, Reckless Charge, can solely be used thrice with out knocking out Riolu by itself, so go away that as a final resort–or towards a Pokemon weak to Fighting-type assaults, the place it should deal 100 injury for under two Energy.

Bombirdier (Trainer Gallery)

  • Card Number: 219/198
  • Type: Dark
  • HP: 110
  • Evolves From: N/A (Basic Pokemon)
  • Attack: Knickknack Carrying
    • Costs 1 Colorless Energy
    • Search your deck for as much as three Pokemon Tool playing cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
  • Attack: Clutch
    • Costs 1 Dark Energy and 1 Colorless Energy
    • 60 base injury
    • During your opponent’s subsequent flip, the Defending Pokemon cannot retreat.

Card retrieval is at all times a robust tool–pun completely intended–so having the ability to snag three Pokemon Tool playing cards for a single Energy will simply make Bombirdier one of many strongest beginning Pokemon within the set. We have not seen most of the new Tools but, however as soon as we do the probabilities will turn out to be clear.

Great Tusk-ex (Secret Rainbow Alternate)

  • Card Number: 230/198
  • Type: Fighting
  • HP: 250
  • Evolves From: N/A (Basic Pokemon)
  • Attack: Bedrock Breaker
    • Costs 1 Fighting Energy
    • 40 base injury
    • Discard a Stadium in play.
  • Attack: Gigantic Tusks
    • Costs 3 Fighting Energy
    • 250 base injury
    • This Pokemon additionally does 50 injury to itself.

Great Tusk-ex is shaping as much as be a excessive threat/excessive reward form of Pokemon, as that Gigantic Tusks assault will wipe out loads of Pokemon by itself, however every time it is used the opponent will get one step nearer to 2 extra Prize playing cards. That being stated, a 250 HP Pokemon beginning the sport offers you a great period of time to arrange a method.

Iron Treads-ex (Secret Rainbow Alternate and Trainer Gallery)

  • Card Number: 233/198 (Rainbow), 248/198 (Trainer Gallery)
  • Type: Steel
  • HP: 220
  • Evolves From: N/A (Basic Pokemon)
  • Attack: Triple Laser
    • Costs 3 Colorless Energy
    • This assault does 30 injury to a few of your opponent’s Pokemon.
  • Attack: Cybernetic Wheels
    • Costs 3 Steel Energy and 1 Colorless Energy
    • 160 base injury
    • Switch this Pokemon with one among your Benched Pokemon.

Here now we have two variations of Iron Treads-ex, one within the secret rainbow alternate artwork and the opposite from the Trainer Gallery. The assaults and prices are the identical for every variant, nevertheless, and the flexibility to assault any three of your opponent’s Pokemon with Triple Laser signifies that closely broken Pokemon attempting to retreat can’t disguise from this man. If it’s best to endure a giant hit, nevertheless, Cybernetic Wheels will let Iron Treads-ex scoot out of hurt’s method whereas dealing massive injury.

Penny (Trainer Gallery)

  • Card Number: 252/198
  • Type: Supporter Trainer
  • Ability: Put one among your Basic Pokemon and all connected playing cards into your hand.

The lone Trainer card in our preview is Penny, the shy scholar who’s greater than she appears. Like the coach herself, the cardboard appears to be easy and simple, because it merely snatches a Pokemon from an opponent’s clutches. However, the flexibility to additionally recoup each card connected to the Pokemon signifies that Energy assets might be recycled, which opens up new assault alternatives for the remainder of your discipline with a single card.

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