Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Version Differences and Exclusives

In this Pokemon Violet and Scarlet gameplay information we go over the entire record of all of the variations between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, from unique Pokemon to motifs, to both make it easier to resolve which model to get, or simply to see what you’re lacking. 


00:00 Version Differences and Exclusives Introduction
00:32 Legendary Pokemon and Mount – Koraidon and Miraidon
01:02 Scarlet Exclusive Pokemon
01:36 Violet Exclusive Pokemon
02:13 Different Professors – Sada and Turo
02:38 Motifs – Scarlet for Scarlet and Violet for Violet
02:59 Outfits
03:13 Lore and Story
03:37 Endgame Exclusive Paradox Pokemon

For extra suggestions, walkthroughs, and guides on each new Pokemon, an interactive map, and extra, try https://www.ign.com/wikis/pokemon-scarlet-violet/


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  1. One runs at a buttery smooth 60fps in native 4k and the other one runs at sub 720p at 10-20fps with a ton of bugs and glitches. Oh no wait…that's both of them..

  2. When is Pokemon gonna come out with a master game? A game that lets you battle pokemon, in open world, in 3D, like the RPG it is? With every Pokemon included? As far as it currently goes, every Pokemon game has to leave past generations behind. Pretty annoying for collector's sake!

  3. Pasado/Passado-past(spanish/portuguese)
    Also Sada ends with an "a" to sound more female, passada/pasada is also used depending on context

  4. 2:17 Sada means past in spanish?? what? Jaja, creo q están hablando de un idioma q no conozco.
    Past in spanish is: PASADO.
    Furute in spanish is: FUTURO.

    Can see from where the names came, more in the case of Turo, but yeah, "sada" does not mean "past".

  5. Basically Arceus was the project game, there's literally no difference other than removing the loading areas and making them into one open map….

    We didn't need version exclusives when arceus proved having different versions was a money sink…
    Just give us a DLC for Arceus plz, thanks!

  6. Many people still waiting for improvements of the games, meanwhile there are more Japanese people praising and congratulating the games under the creators works than requesting for a fix. 🕊️

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