Pokémon Presents Full Presentation 2.27.2023

Happy Pokémon Day, Trainers! It’s time for the most recent Pokémon Presents!

Check out about 20 minutes of Pokémon information in celebration of Pokémon Day 2023!

0:00 Introduction
1:05 Pokemon Championships
3:03 Pokemon Classic TCG
5:04 New Pokemon Collab with Netflix
6:35 Pokemon Concierge
7:30 Pokemon Gaming Section
7:59 Pokemon Unite Updates
9:40 Pokemon Cafe Remix Update
11:15 Pokemon Masters Ex
13:00 Pokemon Sleep
18:52 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Updates


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  1. They need to start having a direct just for mobile titles and trading cards because the scarlet and violet content starts almost towards the end of the video

  2. So.. Tons of mobile games, still not gonna fix performance issues in SV while adding new effects and dlc, and official POGO auto catcher…. Not buying the DLC unless if you solve the major performance issues. I can deal with a little lag but the lake region is unbearable.

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