PlayStation VR 2 Review

The PSVR 2 is undoubtedly a serious step ahead for PlayStation’s digital actuality ambitions.
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What Sony has created is a VR headset that may exist within the area between the inexpensive however underpowered Quest 2 and the costly however highly effective Index. It’s the most effective headsets available on the market, however within the ever-shifting panorama of digital actuality, its value and present worth proposition depart it in an ungainly place as soon as once more.

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  1. I think you should have mentioned a little more when it came to the Quest 2. You said the Quest 2 is a stand alone experience and while it can be, it is absolutely untrue as the Quest 2 also requires the Quest Link cable for games that require more horsepower directly from your PC. So, you will still be tethered even on a Quest 2 for many games that require the power.

  2. jesus christ this review is so terrible. Quest 2 weighs more than psvr2 < that misinformation alone makes me question the rest of the review

    ign review is better and its on point

  3. Watch as a few people get one because it can double as as decent competitive gaming monitor for the PS5, offering 120hz, 1080p OLED + HDR gameplay in their favorite competitive titles as well as offering VR :p Plus you can make the screen as large (or small) as you'd like.

  4. I'm not sure you can complain about the cord when you're playing in a room that's not a conducive play space. And correct me if I'm wrong you were paranoid about tipping your console over but never did, so it may not have even been an issue with your room either, just paranoia added to have a negative point to talk about. The cord is long and light and I've seen no other reviewers concerned about catching it on anything. Also in terms of games, RE 8 and GT 7 are both showcases as well. There are more AAA games here than any other headset. RE 8's implementation is better than any mod. And the games available elsewhere are not as good as they are here with the haptics, resolution, and adaptive triggers. It'll have strong support from PCVR and Quest support from non exclusive devs, and the best version of most of those games.

  5. Shooter games = shooter games
    Racing games = racing games
    Exploration games = exploration games
    All things are limited by their reason for existing?? Weird take to think that VR games should somehow be different. I agree there needs to be a Renaissance of different gaming experiences in order to help bring VR to the masses but the replayabilty of some VR experiences and the immersion compared to 2d screen playing is steeply understated here. It should be noted that the PSVR2, while still expensive, is the technology's first true step towards bringing refined hardware to the market which will inevitably result in new gaming experiences.

  6. I’m just getting this to do VR GT7. I’ve spent over a hundred hours in VR for Dirt Rally 1/2 since 2016. Every one who enjoys Daily Races and improving their SR should seriously consider this. VR racing with a wheel is one of the most incredible times you can have with video games.

  7. This review sounds like it’s coming from someone who has spent thousands on pcvr and can’t justify getting what is basically a intro to vr that is way cheaper, just cause he doesn’t factor in the cost of his 5,000$ pc doesn’t mean pcvr isn’t crazy expensive to even run the most basic of games let alone a AAA title at 120fps….

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