Pikmin 4 Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Nintendo Direct 2.8.23

Chart a mysterious planet with curious plantlike Pikmin that come in several sorts in Pikmin 4—just like the brand-new Ice Pikmin! The succesful canine, Oatchi, may even assist to beat massive challenges.

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  1. Not really a fan of the new astronaut models. Look very GameCube-ish, like plastic toys. They do have a lot of character to them, I will see how I feel about them once I get to know them better. But other than that, oh man, I'm ready, I'm ready!

  2. Olimar? That strange faces i mean… those are weird looking ones… and again new characters, what about the known ones…… F!… Guys that is not a good gameplay… Pay attention on the robotic moves… They already made it perfect on pikmin 3 wth and that camera angle… A Wii u ad had more life and pikmin style than this… 10 years… There are still 5 months… This was my only reason for next gen nintendo console 🫤

  3. My thoughts

    -I think this game is much further in the future. This is why there’s a plane in the background, it seems as tho commercial space travel is more available to the public and that this plane crash landed, i’m assuming, due to the “mysterious force” from the previous games that I except will be the theorized Umibozo. This is also why we see the pikmin leaving the cave in a giant fan, this planet is much more colonized.

    -It seems that, while in the first game we collect parts, in the second game we collect treasure, and in the third game we collect food, we will be collecting people or “castaways” this time, although I am curious what they are implying my showing the “treasure” being collected. Perhaps this game will collect multiple things?

    -Ice pikmin aren’t as OP as they seem, the bulmin froze because it ate an ice pikmin, not because a lot attacked it

    -I suspect that since we, who I anticipate is meant to be a sort of rescuer, leave every night without the castaways that the castaways will have to fend for themselves at night. I think this may be where the pikmin the second pikmin that didn’t show up in the trailer show up.

    -I am also somewhat skeptical of how the dog will play into this, seems like a strange iteration to the game

    Overall very excited for the game though, definitely gonna buy this as soon as it comes out

  4. It’s.. beautiful… I cried to myself while watching this enjoying every thing about it, sure it’s a little weird at first but I will get used to the new characters and pikmin, and hopefully this game is good as well

  5. So, I've only ever played Pikmin 1 and I still actively play it on my GameCube… I think I'm finally gonna give the others a go before this one comes out 🙂

  6. I love how many pikmin games are making it more clearer that pnf 404 is actually earth
    Edit:nintendo please make a pikmin game maker so I won't have to get sued by you
    Edit 2: Basicly pikmin 4 is pikmin 2 2

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