Pentiment: The First 16 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out the primary 16 minutes of gameplay from Pentiment, the brand new 2D thriller sport from Obsidian impressed by traditional literature!

Pentiment is a side-scrolling homicide thriller sport with art work impressed by traditional medieval literature. Developed by Obsidian and directed by Josh Sawyer ((*16*): New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity), Pentiment brings the selection and penalties of epic RPGs to a brand new (or ought to I say very outdated) type. This footage was performed on an Xbox Series X. Pentiment is obtainable on Game Pass on November fifteenth, 2022.


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  1. People beware. Xbots are in FULL FORCE in the comments desperately trying to defend the honor of this mobile picturebook of a game. Trying to lie to themselves that this is the epoch of gaming, this is what 12 TF of RAHHHW POWWWAAHHH!! brings you. It's not. It's SO not.

    Maybe if MS weren't so incompetent, and released Starfield this year like they very specifically advertised last year , then Pentiment (and Grounded) being the only first-party they had otherwise wouldn't be so humiliating. But that's not what happened, is it?

    This company wants to eat up the entire industry and buy everyone, meanwhile they can't get studios like Obsidian to do bigger & better and have several teams struggling to get games done. They can't handle what they already have, and want yet more to take on. Absolute joke. And the people capping for them are toxic parasites to the health of gaming as a hobby and as an industry.

  2. 😴Beautiful, yes. Boring, yes. Pages and pages of dialogue thats not voice acted, also yes. Heres the gameplay loop- read some stuff, press x, now move left, press x again, now select some dialogue and press x, look at some pretty pictures, then repeat. Seriously, just go read a book.

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