Overwatch 2 Review

Overwatch 2 improves upon the core gameplay and characters followers love, however loses a few of its predecessor’s spirit within the course of.

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  1. How can you give it an 8/10 but give Cyberpunk a far lower score for all the game breaking bugs and crashes and ppl are still having issues and we still have yet to receive our WP packs

  2. Honestly f the haters this game is great the push game mode feels so good. I'm not much of a competitive player but this game has made me competitive. I have not had any problems or issues no bugs but I'm also playing ps5 (ps5 gang)

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  4. the only thing overwatch2 does is make it easier to squeeze more money out of us and didnt add anything, its a joke, blizzard youre a joke, and your fans can clearly see that.

  5. It feels familiar and probably that's a good thing but again making people happy with this game never happen cause of too many complaints of why I can't do this or why can he do that or whatever…

    I'm liking this game just like before but it's a team base shooter when if one doesn't follow the role, the whole group will have a bad time.

    All I'm waiting is for the story/co-op stuff next year.

  6. The killed loot boxes, they took away medals, they gave us a Fortnite shop, you can't just casually get credits now, they took away the defining features that made overwatch stand out, the power balance is none existent if your team gets wiped you just lose. 4/10

  7. Never played 1st game.. tried this… was underwhelmed after 3 hours. I don't get the appeal, was a 5 or 6 for me, even ignoring the server issues. Have no desire to play it anymore.

  8. Loving the game again. I played OW religiously for the first couple seasons, but I started to not be able to stand it towards the end of OW1. Haven’t played it in probably over a year. OW2(which, let’s face it, is simply an update akin to The Taken King for Destiny)has me loving the game again. They’ve changed and fixed just about every issue I had with the first game in the last couple years. Hopefully, they keep the trend going, and improve upon the game as it goes forward this time around rather than making the game worse overtime and eventually slowing development to a crawl before touting “Overwatch 3”.

  9. same as ow 1 and tonnes of issues this deserves 6/10 makes you wonder if gamespot and other sites just give high points just to please the developers and get payed

  10. Overwatch 2 completely overwriting Overwatch 1 (dont see overwatch 1 at all on the blizzard launcher) makes it even more like an update rather than a separate game. It still looks to have most of the same stuff, but overhauled with different shaders and reworked abilities.

  11. doesn't deserve an 8. 20 dollars a skin is a ripoff. An overly grindy battlepass that you can buy to pass faster, ripoff. how much did activision pay you to review this? They should've just made this a dlc expansion for the original overwatch instead of making it harder for original overwatch players to get skins and ruined balancing.

  12. Whoever's reading this, i pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

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