Overwatch 2 gamers nonetheless suppose Sojourn is overpowered after a 3rd nerf

Sojourn is one in every of Overwatch 2‘s most controversial heroes, and the developer has been constantly targeting her with the nerf hammer.

But it’s nonetheless not sufficient to make her extra balanced within the sport’s meta, in line with some gamers. The newest steadiness patch, launched yesterday, can also be thought-about as a “slap on the wrist” by a large a part of the group.

They take into account the nerf to be “too little, too late,” saying it ought to goal primarily her charged Railgun’s harm so she now not one-shots heroes. The most up-to-date nerf didn’t do that, as a substitute opting to tune down her vitality acquire charge.

“We said the one-shot potential was bad, and Blizzard responded by doing nothing to solve it,” answered one other person.

Yesterday, a steadiness patch utilized Major modifications on Roadhog, whereas barely adjusting Orisa, Kiriko, and Sojourn. The soldier was given a flat vitality acquire on her Railgun’s hearth, as a substitute of rewarding headshots whereas punishing physique pictures. It’ll make her extra viable in decrease ranks, whereas hitting her power in increased degree.

Rather than a real nerf, this alteration is extra of an adjustment to the character. While increased ranks may swap her for Cassidy or one other hitscan any more, Sojourn gamers may change into much more rampant in common and decrease ranges (which incorporates the overwhelming majority of the playerbase).

Sojourn was focused by two earlier nerfs, together with one in December, however she’s nonetheless immensely well-liked within the meta.

Sojourn’s one-shot mechanic utilizing her totally charged Railgun is significant to the hitscan’s power. It’s equally rewarding for individuals who play her as it’s irritating for squishy enemies, and lots of gamers are fed up with seeing the character dominate video games.

Unfortunately for them, this isn’t going to alter for some time—except the developer decides to hit her a fourth time.

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