Our PS5, XSX Hopes & Dreams for 2023 – Next-Gen Console Watch

In this week’s Next-Gen Console Watch, we go over our hopes and goals for 2023 for every of the principle consoles. What can we anticipate from PlayStation? What do we wish from Xbox? And will we lastly get one thing resembling a Switch 2 from Nintendo? We additionally go over final week’s ballot outcomes, plus a model new ballot so that you can vote on. We hope you all have a really joyful vacation and we’ll see you within the new 12 months!


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  1. Best show on IGN hands down with much insight from industry veterans, and Hatfield as a great moderator. Truly a discussion for middle aged gamers like myself who want to see console makers be aggressive but well past fanboyism at this age. Please keep this up!

  2. My dream for 2023 is that Sony loses it case for Activision/Blizzard. Along with it being called out for its own Monopoly of Funimation, Crunchyroll, Aniplex, RightStuff just recently. Along with Anime & Manga companies from the UK & France lol. 🇫🇷 Yea, Karma is a b*** and Sony deserves all of it!!

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