• Key takeaways:
  • The ongoing Egghead Island arc in One Piece is not just focused on the Straw Hat Pirates, as fans get to see Kuma engage in a duel with Fleet Admiral Akainu, adding depth to both characters.
  • Kuma’s actions in the Holy Land of Marijoa show that he is determined to reach a specific destination, possibly Egghead Island, where he will reunite with his daughter and the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Kuma’s escape from Marijoa raises questions about his goals and what he will bring to the future of the story, including being another person for the Straw Hat Pirates to save and potentially helping them escape from the island.



One Piece is currently in the Egghead Island arc and fans have been thoroughly enjoying the ongoing war on Egghead. With Vegapunk’s life at stake, there is a lot for the Straw Hat Pirates and the Marines to fight for. Currently, Luffy is engaged in a battle with Admiral Kizaru. Meanwhile, all the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates are busy as well and fans will most definitely see more of them in action as the story progresses.

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One of the greatest things about the ongoing arc in One Piece is that all the action is not just focused on the Straw Hat Pirates. The Egghead Island arc has taken fans all over the world and that is certainly a breath of fresh air to see. One Piece chapter 1092 specifically threw a lot of focus on none other than Kuma, the Tyrant. Fans got to see him engage in a duel with none other than the current Fleet Admiral of the Navy, Akainu.

Kuma In Marijoa

bonney and kuma one piece 1074

Bartholomew Kuma is definitely a very important character when it comes to the Egghead Island Arc. From the very beginning of this arc, fans knew that he would be heavily involved as the Revolutionary Army successfully managed to free him from his chains. Kuma was taken to Momoiro Island, where Dragon asked him questions pertaining to what he saw. In the meanwhile, Kuma’s daughter, Jewelry Bonney, headed after Egghead Island to ask Vegapunk to turn her father back to normal. In case he were to show any refusal, she intended to kill him. Clearly, a big section of the Egghead Island Arc is focused on this particular family and fans immediately knew that they were going to be treated to a lot of gut-wrenching drama.

Moments after Bonney got to Egghead Island, Kuma suddenly started moving and used his incredible Paw Paw powers to send himself flying in a particular direction. At the time, fans did not know which place this was going to be and, eventually, he hit the Red Line directly. It was quite clear that Kuma was trying to cross the Red Line, however, to get to the other side, he would have to climb it.

That is precisely what he did and even after being fired by a barrage of cannonballs, he successfully made it to the very top all by himself. This is where One Piece chapter 1092 took the fans as Kuma was seen rampaging across the Holy Land of Marijoa. By the looks of it, he did quite a lot of destruction in the place with his amazing powers and to stop him, soldiers were mobilized. However, none of them were able to do anything significant against him, given how strong he truly is.

Akainu Vs Kuma

Kuma akainu marijoa one piece 1092

One Piece chapter 1092 proceeded to give the fans a glimpse of Fleet Admiral Akainu as well. On top of the Red Line, as Kuma continued his rampage, it appears that the Marines were called into action and Fleet Admiral Sakazuki himself flew to stop him. He got to the top of the Red Line and that is where he confronted Kuma in battle. It is quite curious to note that Sakazuki was not as merciless as fans would expect him to be. Kuma is a former pirate and, by Sakazuki’s standards, he should have been eliminated at all costs. However, it seems that he was more interested in knowing what he was trying to do and where he was trying to go.

This was quite an interesting change for the character of Sakazuki and it only gives him more depth. Furthermore, it also goes on to show that his character has also grown quite a bit over the timeskip. Nonetheless, Sakazuki made it very clear that he couldn’t simply let him run wild and kill the Celestial Dragons. For that reason, he needed to take care of him and he did just that.

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Flying into action, Sakazuki used his incredible Magu Magu no Mi powers to blow off half the face of Bartholomew Kuma. This was quite similar to the treatment he gave Whitebeard, however, at that time, Sakazuki was beaten to an even worse condition and defeated. Here, Kuma did not give much of a fight and was dead set on continuing his pursuit. Immediately after being attacked by Hell Hound, Kuma continued running and this is when Sakazuki realized that he was not going to fight at all. To stop him, Sakazuki threw a barrage of magma attacks his way and even managed to melt his leg off.

Kuma’s Escape

Kuma One Piece 1069

As soon as these two characters started fighting, it was quite clear for the fans to see that Kuma was not intent on fighting against Sakazuki at all. It isn’t even clear if he even noticed him in the first place. Kuma was dead set on getting somewhere else and that is precisely what his focus was. Even when Sakazuki attacked him head-on, Kuma showed no effort to even dodge or block the attack. Given that this is the power to deflect anything, for him, it should not have been hard to deal with Hell Hound. He could even have dodged this attack quite easily, given that he’s one of the fastest people in the One Piece world. Yet, he showed no resistance and simply let his face get blown off.

Even after being attacked, he did not retaliate and instead continued running towards a particular direction. Akainu immediately realized that Kuma was going to escape and to stop him in his drags, he decided to melt his leg off. It is possible that, to some degree, Sakazuki did not want to kill him since he was quite curious about what his goals were exactly. Kuma took full advantage of this opportunity and successfully managed to escape as he used his Devil Fruit powers to propel himself into the air and leave the holy land.

Oda has already made it quite clear in his story that Kuma’s Devil Fruit deflects things at immeasurable speeds. These speeds are variable and he can even deflect things at the speed of light itself. He certainly used his powers on himself to appoint where Sakazuki could not stop him and it is safe to say that it worked perfectly. Once again, Akainu started thinking about what it is that could be so important to a half-dead man like him, and quite a lot of fans would likely have the same question in their heads. The answer to that question is most certainly Bonney and fans will see that plotline progress very soon in the story.

Kuma’s Role In The Future

Jewelry Bonney And Her Father Kuma In One Piece

Now that Kuma has successfully escaped from the holy land of Marijoa, It is clear that he will be involved in the story sooner rather than later. For one, he is already on his way to some location that hasn’t been confirmed in the story yet. Surely, Oda is going to reveal this location to the fans very soon, however, quite a lot of them below already have an idea of where he is headed to. This location is going to be none other than Egghead Island itself. This is the place where he’s going to end up reuniting with the Straw Hat Pirates and, more importantly, his own daughter. The fact is that Kuma suddenly started moving while Bonney and Luffy were exploring Egghead. It is very likely that he had a code written into his body that triggered this movement to his daughter’s location. That is precisely what he’s doing at the moment and he will be on Egghead soon.

When Kuma gets to Egghead, the arc is going to get quite interesting. For one, it would give the Straw Hat Pirates another person to save. It would trigger a very interesting sequence between these characters, as Kuma himself is a savior of the crew. Furthermore, fans will also get to see the entire flashback of this character and why his life is as tragic as it is. At the same time, fans will also get to see him reunite with his daughter, which is one of the most essential parts of this arc. It could also give the Straw Hat Pirates a way to escape from the island, given that Kuma can use his deflection to send their ship away, if need be.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1093, is set to be September 24, 2023.

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