Norse Myth Expert Reacts to God of War Ragnarok's Ending

Watch a Norse mythology skilled react to the God of War Ragnarok ending. We requested Jackson Crawford, a Norse fable skilled and media advisor for tasks like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, to analyse God of War Ragnarök’s ending.

From character deaths, to all the important thing figures featured within the occasions of Ragnarok, Jackson makes use of his Norse mythology experience to break down what works and what does not within the closing few God of War Ragnarok scenes.

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  1. did we really need a "expert" explaining this stuff most people know that some liberty's are taken with myth we only need to look at the entire series to see that

  2. as soon as you see black Nordic gods or whatever, any semblance of accuracy is pointless. for consistency's sake make a game about african mythology and make their gods White or Chinese or something 😂

  3. Is it just me., or is he sounding angry and pissed at a video game adaptation of Norse mythology? It is a video game meant to be enjoyed. They did their best to comply with myth, while also maintaining consistency with the previous saga which played out in Greece. Come to think of it; they did it brilliantly.

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