No More Squeezing Through Cracks In Games, Please

In this episode, the Podcast Beyond crew debate on the online game trope of strolling by means of slender cracks everytime you’re attempting to get someplace. Whether you want cracks, do not just like the sight of cracks, or all you need to do is reside in cracks and discover cracks all day lengthy taking in all of the sights and smells, the world on the opposite finish must load someway. Which facet are you on? Join Max Scoville, Jada Griffin, Brian Altano, and Akeem Lawanson on this Cracktastic episode of Beyond!



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  1. elevators are no different. even Elden Ring does this. the reason it has so many lifts and elevators is because it is actually loading the next area you are going to. its open world is not as seamless as everyone thinks.

  2. Also no more one button assisted jumps and climbing. If you can’t make it, you fall and die. It’s that simple. Or else what’s even the point? It’s wasting time. If there’s no risk involved then it’s not a game. It’s interactive cartoon.

  3. People act like it’s either a loading screen or cracks. Anyone remember Tony Hawk American Wasteland where you could skate through tunnels to get to another area. Or Shaun White Snowboarding where you could mess around in a half pipe while the game loads. The key thing here is letting the player still play the fun parts of the game while the game loads. Cracks are just loading screens with more immersion. Developers need to get more creative or utilize technology better

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Naughty Dog started this trend with Uncharted 2 or 3. I remember it being very impressive back then to be loading through squeezing through a crevice. Now it's in all third person, story driven games.

  5. This reminds me of “frustration as a video game mechanic”. Some of the stuff you do in RDR2 is so mundane it could be called boring, but it serves a vital role in the pacing! Games can’t be all action all the time or it would be monotonous

  6. I’d just like to see more imagination used – everyone knows these sequences are in games to cover loading times but why does it always have to be squeezing through or crawling under something? 🙃 more variety please

  7. If only there was some sort of way that the game could stream the information it needs to load only portions of the data while you're playing without presenting any sort of loading screen or tedious task that looks like gameplay…

  8. I'm not going to watch the video to the end, ign can be something at times, next time you will say, don't make us open door or walk the stairs… gosh, if there is place to squeeze in you will squeeze…

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