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In at present’s Daily Fix:
Nintendo of America’s president, Doug Bowser, believes their first $70 sport might be definitely worth the value. Via the Associated Press, Bowser stated “I think fans will find this is an incredibly full, deeply immersive experience. The price point reflects the type of experience that fans can expect when it comes to playing this particular game.” But for Nintendo followers apprehensive about shelling out 70 bucks for all their first-party video games, concern not. Bowser stated this is not essentially going to be the worth for each sport. According to him, it is pretty frequent in Europe and different components of the world to differ the worth relying on the sport. In different information, it looks as if IO Interactive is full pace forward on their James Bond 007 sport, and confirmed that any new Hitman video games are on pause in the intervening time. And talking of sport delays, the System Shock remake has been pushed again a few months.


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  1. Weird how other companies drop the prices of their games and till afford to not charge $70. But Nintendo doesnt offer any of the features other systems have. And their games have pretty much never went down in price. Meaning Nintendo should have more money and are just being greedy.

  2. Breath of the wild wasnt worth £50. With the mostly barren world four small temples and mediocre story. 120 small puzzles didnt cut it and either did 900 korok seeds. It didnt have the charm charisma and scale that other zelda games had.

  3. BotW was actually already 70 bucks in Europe… So this isn't their first 70 bucks game… And other switch games are 60 bucks. So don't say that it's because of euro to dollar.

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