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In as we speak’s Daily Fix:
Nintendo had an investor Q & A earlier this month, and so they admitted the Switch’s gross sales progress goes to begin slowing down. However, Nintendo did just lately enhance their manufacturing of Switch consoles forward of May’s extremely anticipated launch of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The Switch just lately develop into the third best-selling console of all time, so even when Nintendo cannot hit the gross sales numbers they did earlier within the Switch’s life, the hybrid console has nonetheless been an enormous success. In Sonic information, the Korean video games ranking board just lately utilized a ranking to a beforehand unannounced recreation: Sonic Origins Plus. We’re unsure what’s on this recreation, however Sonic Origins simply hit shops final 12 months and was a group of remasters. Maybe we’re getting extra Sonic remasters? And lastly, a voice actor for Genshin Impact has just lately confirmed allegations made in opposition to him concerning sexual abuse and different conduct. Developer Hoyoverse has responded and is engaged on an answer concerning that actor’s character.


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  1. They need to bring out the switch pro that is powerful as the handheld gaming pcs. It's been long overdue. Even a switch successor should've been ready last year or two.

  2. My favorite franchise is Nintendo. The greatest international phenom to tech since the first Nintendo home system to my opinion. Next Capcom with their idea of world champion. Then tekken with their idea of pride in gaming. Anyhow, likely I’ll be a switch owner soon this year because their new price point and updating its genre, is what it needs, until more updating on its storage is still an issue for me. So another switch is likely for those buying a lot of entertainment with one to three accounts on those systems.

  3. Imagine you have 10 people and 9 of them bought the switch in the first week. The 3rd week you release a statement. Surprisingly the sales have dropped drastically, we believe people are no longer interested in games….

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